what_iceSurely you’ve seen ice! And most certainly you already took an ice cube on your hands?! And, of course the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of ice is the ice is cold!

Remember of that feeling! Thus you will not be surprised by the shiver up in your spine when you put your feet in one of our ice rinks, since they are simply made up of aplenty pure ice!

But how does ice forms? Well, the ice is just frozen water!

Actually is simply water in a different state, not liquid, but solid! Only in this physical state water acquires a glassy appearance, that’s due to the crystalline hexagonal molecular structure of the water when it reaches the freezing point. But, consequently, in case of lack of support, the solid water can break.

I’m thinking, probably that’s from where it comes the expression “break the ice”, no?! Normally, that expression is used to explain the need of an activity to promote the silence break between two or more people who are quiet or shy in a given situation through a conversation on any trivial matter. Perhaps gathering in or schedule a date to an ice rink is a good way to start a conversation?! It’s just a suggestion! At least, surely issues about the ice skating and laughter about it will not miss! Think about it!

You know, ice plays a central role in the human quest for excitement, so why not take advantage of it to establish new friendships or improve or strengthen existing ties? So, we invite you to venture in one of our ice rinks!”