One of our ice skating rinks is on Eastgate Shopping Centre from 27 June to 19 July!

yes ! That’s right we’re on South Africa, a hot clime country and guess what (?!) people are actually spinning, spiraling and gliding on ice in the mall!

Everyone we have talked to are saying how the Iberice ice rink it’s incredible and how skating on ice it’s an awesome felling!

Not only children, but all kind of people from different ages are enjoying ice skating!

Actually youngest and adults seem to fulfill a childhood dream: grew up without ever having experienced skating on ice, but never forgotten! It seems they are living a film by skating in real ice rink.

Seeing them to blend, little by little, with the children and the environment, losing the constraints about how they badly know ice skating. With improvisations and falls, the smiles and laughter stand out among the popular shopping noise.

The ice rink is so big and with an ice with exceptional quality that it was possible to promote a Professional International Skating Couple Show in it.

Obviously, the pirouettes stayed for the professionals! To ordinary mortals like us, a more simple, uncomplicated and relaxed ice skating version is the best.

It’s amazing how the ice rink in the mall has worked as a family and friendly fun for those who visit the establishment. And despite the huge footfall the willingness and joy among the visitors is notorious! Maybe one day your shopping will also go beyond the predictable clichés and bet on a ice rink ?!