footfall_ice_rinkAt first glance our ice rinks are places of pure fun!
Behind the scenes, they were created in order to attract visitors to the areas where they are located!

This statement may shock you, but yes it is true, ice rinks can be seen as tools to increase the footfall of local shopping and leisure.
Our ice rinks, for being flexible and adaptable to the spaces to where they’re intended, enchant who goes there, filling with pre-Christmas nostalgia Shopping Malls, Retails, Municipalities, Theme Parks, Hotels & Resorts, FEC´s, and others Public and Leisure Spaces.

The more dazzled is who is experiencing a skating rink for the first time, the more likely that visitor return to that place. And as we all know, when a visitor enters a commercial space the opportunities of him entering in a store and consume a product, that leaves him marvel, also increase.
Also, if a visitor is in a good mood and excited about going ice skating, he will report his emotions to their family and friends, and they, in turn, most likely, will also want to get high skating on the ice. Thus the footfall undoubtedly increases even more!

Well, basically, we may state that the ice rinks are for bread as well as comercial or leisure areas are for butter, and what a delicious toast we’ll have in the end!