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The Cais de Gaia, in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, believed and the result has been amazing! During the day the main attraction is ice skating with family or friends. Pirouettes, race, balance attempts and tumbles are followed of interjections like “wow”, “uouh”, “ui ui” and “Aihe Aihe”! Lots of pictures also abound, used to remember and share unique moments of joy! Anything goes, everything is conviviality, everything is just good mood, cheerfulness and it is always worth (re) live and (re) remember! At night the ice rink turns into a dance spot, with lots color and glitter. Wrapped by the outside lights, permanent or sometimes fickle and mobile, just across the banks of Douro River, the ice skating becomes magic. What a dazzling alternative night spot! Crowded with young people looking for fun in a refreshing and airy space, good music and something special in a night by the river! The fun continued on ice, but many others valences enrich it! That’s a challenge we are up to!

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